Selection of Sink for The Bathroom in Right Way

The houses built in the domestic bathrooms can easily serves as the best example to demonstrate the imperfections and inconsistencies that complete all human needs. Very few professionals involved in the construction of houses, think about how important the installation of sinks height in the bathroom. And this is a very good reason, as the correct installation is one of the most important indicators of ergonomics bathroom. For example, we need only to put the wash basin in full disagreement with the physiological characteristics of the person, as immediately the whole family will feel it for you. And this is obvious, as to wash their hands or wash the person will be much more inconvenient.

sinks for bathroom

Such errors cause bad feeling immediately and as a result bad mood. What should be the height of the shell in accordance with the aesthetic and physiological needs that is not taking into account the adopted state standards? We will try to sort out these issues.

The fact is that the average height of people in recent years increased slightly which is confirmed by statistics. A person who washes in a bent position may feel discomfort and pain in the back, as this unnatural posture.

But unfortunately, one can not change anything because the shell pre-installed at a distance of 70 to 75 cm from the floor. But the same standards are used for tables. To put it another way, sitting nobody washes and for this reason the standards can already be considered obsolete and irrelevant.

But what is the height of the laundry Pedestal Sink in the bathroom should be and why standards can already be called outdated? Let’s do a little calculation. To do this, we use the optimal parameters of the brush arrangement at the surface. This value is 10 cm below the location of the elbow. If the average value of the elbow in men reaches 105 cm and for women, it is significantly below the spending simple calculations, you can get the value of 91 cm. It is this parameter that is one of the most ideal, not the old standards that are no longer suitable.

Pedestals Pedestal Sink: what it is, the benefits


Pedestals pedestal sink has long appeared in our market and even for some time successfully held great popularity among customers. But he failed to fully displace the tulip market and it certainly has a good reason. 

Sink tulip: what it is

Many people explain what a Pedestals pedestal sink tulip for the bathroom, it is not necessary and they themselves are well aware that it is. Another thing is the current generation which in their bathrooms using more advanced sanitary devices of this type. For them, the existence of a tulip can be new and may be even pleasant that helps to solve a number of problems.

So what is this washbasin tulip? In fact, it is an ordinary Pedestals pedestal sink without any functional stuff, a little improved design. Its main difference is the presence of so-called pedestal (feet) on which rests two duties. Firstly, it serves as a support for the basin allowing him to stand firmly and steadily. Secondly, it is intended to hide the water and sewer communications providing water supply and drainage to the sink. Despite the simplicity of design, the shell type has a lot of benefits that can be successfully used in its benefit.

Advantages and disadvantages of tulip shells

To date, tulip shells bathroom presented in a huge range has a variety of shapes and colors is so great that it is able to meet the requirements of virtually any person. Perhaps this is the most important advantage of this type of wash basins. But apart from him, there are other advantages that can not be ignored coming to the question of how to choose a pedestals pedestal sink for the bathroom? The following points can be attributed to the benefits of tulip shells.

  • Versatility. Due to their design, they fit perfectly into the interior of any stylistic direction and will only have to choose the right shape, color and material from which they are made.
  • Compactness. The second name of this type of pedestals pedestal sink sounds like a shell and its dimensions are relatively small which allows you to install it even in areas with a catastrophic lack of space.
  • For all its small dimensions perfectly hides water and sewer communications.
  • The space under the washbasin tulip is virtually free and can be used for any purpose.
  • Relatively low cost. It all depends on the material from which it is made, its shape, color and even personal considerations producer. But if we compare the same in material, shape, color and manufacturer of washbasins with tulip with their counterparts of another type and then they will be much cheaper.

Enough simple installation technology. In fact, the installation of the sanitary device is reduced to the installation of the wall pair.

Instructions to Change a Fixture on a ceramic Pedestal Sink

Pedestal sinks are porcelain or china and comprise of a sink top on a pedestal leg that covers the pipes at the divider. The installations are normally just the spigot and deplete get together. Upgrading and supplanting these can give another look to the ceramic Pedestal Sink and the washroom. You can supplant the apparatuses without unbolting the ceramic Pedestal Sink from the wall or evacuating its leg.

  1. Turn off the water supply to the sink. The valves for a pedestal sink are normally found just beneath the sink top, potentially inside two little nooks intended to house and conceal them. Turn them solidly to one side to close them off and afterward turn on the spigot to deplete the lines.
  1. Separate the water lines running from the valves to the fixture, utilizing a customizeable wrench. In single-unit fixtures, these lines will interface at the base of the spigot. In three-piece installations, these lines will hurried to blending valves situated at every handle. On the off chance that your ceramic Pedestal Sink has a three-piece apparatus, separate the water lines driving from the valves to the spout too.
  1. Release and expel the nut or nuts holding the fixture set up. In single unit spigots, this will be one, substantial nut with a gasket. In three-piece fixtures, remove and evacuate the nuts holding every piece set up.
  1. Expel the screw holding the pop-up drain assembly to the arm . This is a long, level piece stretching out from the spigot pop-up bar to the channel tailpiece under the ceramic Pedestal Sink. Expel the drain plug from the pop-up bar. The different pieces will now dangle underneath the sink, prepared for evacuation alongside the fixture.
  1. Pull the old fixture, the pop-up lift bar from the highest point of the spigot and the inside pop-up channel gathering out of the sink. Utilize a fabric to wipe away any deposit and old plumber’s putty from around the spigot openings. Wipe both the top surface of the sink, and the underside.
  1. Roll a bit of plumber’s putty in your grasp until flexible. Structure it into a ring and position it on the base of every bit of the new apparatus’ base. In the event that utilizing a one-piece apparatus, put the putty just around the outside of the fixture base; take care not to touch the supply lines augmenting descending. On three-piece fixtures, put the handyman’s putty around the base of every piece. Push the new apparatus down into the gap or openings on the sink top. Slide the gasket or gaskets onto the bottoms of every bit of the apparatus and hand-fix the nuts.
  1. Reconnect the water supply lines. Place the new appear deplete get together into the sink channel. Slip the new appear plug over the actuator arm and fix the tighten that holds it place.
  1. Turn on the water supply valves and test the new apparatus.

Step by step instructions to remove a Pedestal Sink

Evacuating a corner pedestal sink will not take exactly a day of work to finish. Despite the fact that it is decently testing as most pipes tasks can be an exceptionally feasible venture. With the right devices and a tiny bit of learning, spare the cash you would spend on an expert handyman and put it toward the buy of another sink.

Step 1 – Turn off Water

Before you start expulsion, turn off all water supply to the sink. You may wish to kill the fundamental water supply to the house for additional security. In the event that you plan to reuse the present fixture on a substitution corner Pedestal Sink, ensure you verify that the new sink has the best possible spacing for supply lines.

 Step 2 – Remove Lines

Place towels beneath the water supply lines on the floor. Detach both water supply lines. Despite the fact that you have killed the water supply, there will be somewhat left over in the lines that will escape when you separate them. The towels will get the water in the channel and in the supply lines.

Step 3 – Disconnect P-Trap

Disengage the P-Trap from the divider. The P-trap is a gadget that keeps any reverse of harmful air or gasses from your sewage framework. Leave the spigot and channel funnels appended for the time being. They will be less demanding to separate from the divider once the corner pedestal sink is evacuated.

Step 4 – Pull the Sink Away

Ensure all connection with the sink have been released legitimately. Utilize the help of an assistant to ensure the P-trap effectively gets off the wall while the sink is likewise moving. Make a point to expel all mounting jolts if present. Hold them on the off chance that you plan to reuse them for another establishment.

 Step 5 – Remove P-trap

Presently you can expel the P-trap from the platform sink. On the off chance that you plan to reuse any of the same equipment on another establishment, you can get out the pipes and P-trap before connecting them to another sink for establishment.

 Step 6 – Remove Hardware

Numerous regions have separate tenets and controls with respect to the transfer of materials, for example, porcelain and metal. It is a smart thought to expel all metal equipment from your old pedestal sink to meet any transfer prerequisites. Moreover, in the event that you plan to reuse the equipment on another establishment, expel it when the sink is separated so you can look at the equipment, verifying whether it is proper for another establishment. Assuming this is the case, once expelled the supply lines and fixtures can be splash cleaned to revive their appearance for your new establishment. In numerous occurrences, especially when supplanting significantly more seasoned corner pedestalsinks, you will most likely be unable to evacuate equipment with a wrench and should utilize a hacksaw to slice through to free the sink. Continuously make the cut on supply lines as near the sink as would be prudent. You can append new end fittings when introducing another sink.